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  • By Daniel May 22, 2019 In Media

    Mystic-Skeptic Radio Show

    In this week’s show our guest is Daniel Friedmann, an orthodox Jewish Chilean-Canadian scientist. He is an author of The Biblical Clock: The Untold Secrets Linking the Universe and Humanity

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  • By Daniel December 19, 2015 In Media


    Watch Daniel Friedmann on The Genesis One Code and on The Broken Gift. You can also download Media Kit for The Genesis One Code or Media Kit for The Broken

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  • By Daniel November 18, 2014 In Media


    In his newest book, “The Broken Gift,” engineering physicist and religious scholar Daniel Friedmann examines the two most popular — and apparently wildly divergent — views on the origins of

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  • By Daniel October 21, 2012 In Media

    Blog Critics

    Writing non-fiction for teens and adults, author Daniel Friedmann carefully examines the relationship between scientific theory and biblical teachings in his debut The Genesis One Code: Calculations Demonstrate a Clear

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  • By Daniel June 19, 2012 In Media

    High Country Press

    Large swaths of Americans seem to have drastically different views of how humans came to be, according to a June Gallup poll. Nearly half of America – 46 percent –

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  • By Daniel June 9, 2012 In Media

    National Post

    The age of the universe is routinely accepted as being 13.7 billion years. Alternately, the first five books of the Old Testament — The Pentateuch — claim the universe is

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