By Daniel March 21, 2017 In Blog

What is it like just before the End of Days? Are we in that period now?

How about this description of the period just before the End of days, documented 1600 years ago, sound familiar?

unbridled irresponsibility on the part of authorities; . . . impudent leadership . . . mutual denunciations . . . insolence will increase and honour dwindle

From the dictionary. Impudent: offensively bold or disrespectful; insolent or impertinent.

Yes, there is a period known as the time preceding the End of Days. Although prophecies of what occurs during the End of Days, like universal peace, are better known, there are lots of prophecies about the period just before the End of Days: like the ones above.
An analysis of history shows that we are now in that period.
To find out more about what our period in history read Roadmap To The End Of Days: Demystifying Biblical Eschatology To Explain The Past, The Secret To The Apocalypse And The End Of The World
Wondering where the quotes and statements come from? The book contains over 290 references backing up quotes and statements- most hyperlinked to English documents (mostly biblical) freely available on the net.

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