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New discovery relating to first life on Earth – do science and religion agree?

The fossil record shows microscopic life all over the oceans existed 3.5 billion years ago. Scientist postulate that first life appeared in the oceans about 3.8 billion years ago.

New results published this week show that it’s likely the first “life’ appeared in hydrothermal vents where hot water rich in hydrogen, carbon dioxide and minerals emerges from the sea floor. Results were summarized in New Scientist

Meanwhile  Genesis stipulates that all life appeared in the oceans at 6am on Day 5 of Creation: “let the waters team…” meaning with microscopic life.  6am on Day 5 corresponds exactly to 3.52 billion years ago as demonstrated in the Genesis One Code.

Thus, fossils dating to 3.5 billion years ago and Bible agree perfectly. But what about this “life” in the vents 3.8 billion years ago?

The latest results summarized in new scientist indicate that this “life” was only half living, i.e. wasn’t quite life “because it may have depended on abiotic reactions in the vents to produce many of the chemicals it needed.”

Furthermore, the Bible describes first life as being made from existing ingredients according to the laws of nature- thus appearing to us as natural; agreeing with the scientific view that we will soon reproduce first life in the lab.  Genesis shows that most of what exists was made such that it appears natural to us- the exceptions are only three things which were made from nothing- these correspond in time and nature exactly to the greatest scientific puzzles of today.

To learn more read the Genesis One Code.

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