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Is the End of Days guaranteed to happen or up to us?

Yes and yes.
It is absolutely guaranteed to happen, despite our behavior and despite whatever final attempt Amalek may make to stop it. The ultimate time for the ‘end’ is unconditional; it does not depend on our merit or on Amalek’s efforts to sabotage it, as it is said, “For My [God’s] own sake, for My own sake, I will do it”; “I wrought for My Name’s sake that it should not be profaned in the eyes of the nations.”
The actual default date for the #Messianic age is unknown to humans. The time is predetermined from the beginning of Creation: “in its time I will hasten it.” “In its time” means a set date, predetermined from the beginning of #Creation. However, this date, which as per the biblical timeline must occur prior to the biblical year 6000 (2240 CE), is the default date. If we merit it, God “will hasten it,” meaning it will occur before its time.  In the course of history there have been special times when the Messianic Era could have been expedited and happened, but it did not.
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