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Is history a purposeful process with a beginning and an end? If it is what does biblical eschatology predict?

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Is history a purposeful process with a beginning and an end, or is it a random series of events with neither purpose nor direction? If history is a guided process, are we near the end of the world?
Have we almost completed preparations for the End of Days? What will happen next? When? Are we backseat passengers in this journey, or are we in the driver’s seat?
Some descriptions of events leading to the End of Days seem contradictory; many are hard to understand. Interpretations vary as to how the End of Days will unfold, and in what order; and how to fit all the scriptural references together into a coherent picture. As a result, through the ages many groups have thought, at various times, that they were close to the End of Days—only to have history reveal there was still some time remaining!
Prior books relating to the End of Days approach the subject by interpreting scripture, yet time has shown this method to be unreliable. The Roadmap to the End of Days takes a unique and new approach. Scripture is used only to determine the pattern and purpose of history. Then, the actual events that have occurred over the past 4000 years are superimposed on this pattern of history. The Divine Plan becomes immediately apparent to the reader. The events of the present come to life within the overall plan. The events of the near future, the End of Days, become obvious based on similar periods of history that have already occurred. The revelations inn scripture become understandable and fit coherently in a sequence.
Discover how, by reading the Roadmap To The End Of Days: Demystifying Biblical Eschatology To Explain The Past, The Secret To The Apocalypse And The End Of The World
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Wondering where the quotes and statements come from? The book contains over 290 references backing up quotes and statements- most hyperlinked to English documents (mostly biblical) freely available on the net.

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