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Do you understand Biblical Chronology? Where does the End of Days fit in?

The Three Stages of Biblical Chronology
The Biblical Chronology starts with the 6 days of creation. These can be shown to correspond to 13.74 Billion years (see the Genesis One Code). At the end of Day 6 Adam sins and marks the beginning of the Biblical calendar, with events proceeding from day 1 year 1 through history to the current year, Biblical year 5777 or 2017 CE. The full biblical calendar extends to the year 6000 or 2240 CE which is when this world ends. The Messiah’s deadline for coming is on or before this last year, 2240. After the 6000 years (or the year 2240) comes the 7th Millennium and the World to Come.
This world: is an age during which the purpose of our existence is to bring both ourselves and the world back to its original state of spiritual sensitivity, pre-Adam’s sin.
The Messianic Era: is an age at the end of this world, when, under the leadership of the Messiah, the whole world will believe in one God and live together in peace and brotherhood.
The World to Come: is an existence where every soul will finally reach its full potential. After the reversal of Adam’s transgression, man’s soul will finally accomplish the purpose for which it was created.
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